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24 Mar 2016

We design the Go-To International Market Plan
The strategic and tactical aspects of delivering and supporting a product or service offering in an international marketplace. This includes product specification, pricing, distribution, marketing communications, sales, after-market support, and customer experience management. Planning is an essential part of developing a successful international business. It is a process that examines a business in relation to:

Generally it follows the process of:
  • The company's market assessment
  • Generation of achievable objectives
  • International strategy development
  • Evaluation of alternative strategies
  • Operational programs supporting the strategy

22 Mar 2016

Thinking about Exporting or Importing?

We adapt your business to different cultures and the way of doing business in foreign markets. We help you build the future success with your international market entry plan.

We are an International Business Consulting firm that provides information and advice about international business development and marketing. Research international business and investment opportunities, competitors, and business practices; develop proposals and make recommendations. Research and provide advice on the effectiveness of management policies and programs in international settings. We're passionate about always doing the right thing for our clients, our people and our communities.

1 Apr 2015

We have designed a series of courses for entrepreneurs who want to participate in the global economy, international trade, marketing goods and services internationally, increasing the competitiveness of an organization through co-operation with foreign partners or suppliers or even establishing a business venture beyond borders. In the completion of these international business courses, students have an opportunity to earn a certificate.

These courses are:

  • International Business
  • International Marketing
  • International Sales and Distribution Management
  • Strategic Intelligence
  • Corporate Strategic Intelligence Evolution
  • Risk Management and Analytic s
  • Conceptual models, statistical analysis, risk management techniques
  • Strategic competitive intelligence and business management knowledge to reduce risk
  • Analytic s Training
  • Training with Coaching for using the analytical tools and technology

We have strong links with partner institutions, and the Business Experience Team will help you throughout this process.

 to assist to one of our exiting courses: 778-340-1881,

17 Feb 2012

International Marketing Consulting

From establishing goals to the action plan. We help you develop a solid marketing strategy  step by step to achieve your specific export objectives.
We deliver excellent services on strategic planning, tactical implementation, market, research, event management, advertising

International Marketing Consulting

We are a professional consulting organization with strong business network in Latin American countries. We advise companies to wish to expand their business in Latin American markets.
  • Strong connections with influential people, companies, associations, governments and other sources of Business Intelligence across Latin America
  • Strategic marketing and Tactical deployment for Market Entry
  • Management of Trade Missions and Sales Tours for exploring and solidifying international business opportunities
  • Complete understanding of the Latin American markets, in: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru
  • Technical knowledge of exports logistics

1 Feb 2012

Latin America has become one of the most dynamic growth regions in the world and a hotbed of commercial opportunity.

With a US$4.8 trillion economy, 600 million citizens and a growing middle-class, the countries of Central and South America and the Caribbean represent markets of growing importance for businesses and institutions looking to increase revenues by expanding beyond their home territories.

14 Jun 2011

Indirect Exporting; Excellent Strategy to enter a new market in a foreing country

Indirect exporting
Is frequently used to enter new markets. Businesses selling products enter into an agreement with an agent, distributor or a trading house for the purpose of selling (or marketing and selling) the products in the target market. Due diligence is critical when selecting an agent or distributor for indirect exporting.